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DocuDistri is:

- Faster

- Easier

- Safer

- More efficient


Municipality of Alphen aan den Rijn is using DocuDistri®

"With the Docudistri we can manage the travel documents and driving licenses in an efficient and safe way. It saves time not having to collect each document separately from storage. The documents come directly from the Docudistri to the desk and can be issued there directly. We have a good overview of imported and issued documents at all times, which helps us during the self-assessment checks."

- Civil Affairs Officer, Alphen aan den Rijn

Municipality of Hellevoetsluis is using DocuDistri®

Municipality of Leiden is using DocuDistri®

Municipality of Utrecht is using DocuDistri®

Municipality of Veldhoven is using DocuDistri®

Municipality of Eindhoven is using DocuDistri®

Municipality of Best is using DocuDistri®

Municipality of Aalten is using DocuDistri®

Municipality of Weert is using DocuDistri®

Municipality of Venlo is using DocuDistri®

Municipality of Roermond is using DocuDistri®

Municipality of Peel en Maas is using DocuDistri®

Placing of 10th DocuDistri®

18 October 2012

In the past few months a significant amount of DocuDistri's® has been placed and taken into production with several municipalities. Right now the 10th DocuDistri® is in production, which sha'll be placed on Aruba.

Newspaper report: First passports distributed by DocuDistri®

17 February 2009

The Customer Support Centre (CSC) of the local government office "Emmen" is officially using DocuDistri®.

The CSC of the local city hall Emmen just recently puts the DocuDistri® into use: an ultramodern safety system for the distribution and control of official valuable documents such as passports, ID cards and driving licenses.

Using a chute through the walls en floorings, the documents are being transported from the protected archive to the counters of the CSC. Also the citizens are served by this new technique; the documents are distributed much quicker than before. By using a digital scan the documents are appointed to a certain spot in the electronic archive, so it is known where the documents are stored in the dispenser.

When a citizen of the local council Emmen is coming to collect his or her passport or driving license, a counter employee will make a scan of the collecting receipt and the document will be transported through the chute to the counter. It will take the document roughly 35 seconds to be transported from the archive to the counter. The DocuDistri® saves searching time for the employee and waiting time for the citizens.

The electronic archive is equipped with protecting cameras and other safety measures to make sure that all documents are stored absolutely securely. Because of the integrated specific software employees of the local council can always track the documents.

By using the DocuDistri® the local government office of Emmen took a large step forward on the track to digital services.